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Bakhnug berber women clothing

Unique piece , berber heritage A Bakhnug is a Medival traditional berber women clothing ,used as a shawl for women in some Southern regions. It can be worn in different ways, like a scarf on the shoulders or to cover the head. Due to its extreme finesse as well as its execution that requires a lot of precision, Bakhnug has been reserved for parties, wedding ceremonies and special occasions. As for many shawls and scarves of Berber tribes in the Maghreb, the basic material constituting Bakhnug is wool. Geometric patterns decorate it, woven with cotton threads of white or multicolored color.Currently, the Bakhnug can also be used as a decorative object hanging on the wall .

shawl available to order. It takes 3 to 5 weeks to made.




Majestic Disorder set of ceramic trivets

Majestic disorder is a set of six ceramic trivets,food dishes .  You will have a nicely decorated table, that can catch the eyes of your guests .You can distinguish in this artistic painting the shapes of animals and shadows of women. Also can be used to form  decorative pieces on the wall that will add a touch of fantasy to your room.Made by the artist ceramist Hanen .

Unique pieces on order.


olive wood salad server 31CM/12.20″

Handmade olive wood salad server .Offer gifts with a history and human value.

Measurment: 31 cm

Color: Nature

Material:olive wood from Tunisia