The carpet was initiated in several Tunisian cities where regional artisanal influences, religious beliefs, prophylactic symbols, borrowings from ceramic or embroidery decorations have shaped ephemeral or perennial styles according to the customers and the effects of fashion. Ranges of warm and bright colors have multiplied according to the whims and imagination of craftswomen.

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African natural fiber rug (with brown natural dye)

These mats called “Hssir Elhalfa”, are woven by these artisans of the shadow (mostly women) holders of ancestral know-how, and so little known.These ethnic african mats made of natural fibers woven by hand in kassrin region.

Mats are  hypoallergenic, suitable for children and allergy sufferers. Ecofriendly product, made with respects of environment ,with no carbon footprint .


Margoum oudref


Margoum oudref

Margoum’s ouedref Certified first choice.

Manufacturing: hand-woven

Composition: pure wool

size: 165*253CM /64,96*99,60″



Orange Striped runner rug


Orange Striped runner rug

Orange  Striped runner rug

Shape : handmade runner rug

Material : wool

Rug style :striped  rug

Country of origin : Tunisia

Gender : unisex

Recommended room : entryway

Color : orange

Size :140*200 cm

Preparation time: 3 weeks to be made by the women artisans.

Caring instructions: dry cleaning or with laundry at room temperature, dried in the open air.: